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Customer Stories and Reviews

"My car broke down on the way in to work. Luckily I pulled off the freeway on Pacific and remembered seeing a autoshop before. My car did not even make it to the mechanics driveway. I went over and spoke to LEO the owner. He crossed the street with me and popped the hood. He right away told me what he saw was wrong. He was able to move my car to the shop, and gave me a free quote once his staff got under my vehicle. He was very fair and reasonable in price. Overall a very nice person. He even called me a couple days later to check on the car."

- Yelp Reviewer

"Leo's will fix your vehicles at a very high level of COMPETENCE for a fair price. I get the impression that he listens to my specific needs for each car/truck/van and responds accordingly. The shop is clean and well equipped. I've been using his service for about 2 years and they always explain what the problems are, what they will try to do and how much I can expect to pay-------and when it will be done. This shop stands out for those very simple reasons. All we want is prompt, competent service for a fair price, right?"

- Yelp Reviewer

"Great service, very nice and family oriented."

- Birdseye Reviewer

"It's my first time here. The customer service is great! I was helped by Leo and he was very curtious and polite. Very reasonable with brake prices and service is excellent! THANK YOU!!!"

- Google Reviewer

"I've been taking my car to Leo's for a while now, not only me, but my WHOLE family trusts Leo. He always gives you the his most honest and truthful service. I've never had any issues after taking my car to Leo's. I highly recommend trusting Leo's auto care with your vehicle. It's 100% worth it."

- Yelp Reviewer

"Leo's was great! My car overheated on the way to the mountains and they were able to make the repairs while I waited. The mechanic stayed after his shift ended to get the job done. These guys saved the weekend. The manager was easy to talk to and explain issues, unlike many places I've been."

- Google Review

"Leo was great on getting my truck towed to his garage for repairs. Called with the estimate and was early on the repair time. Great experience. "

- Google Review

"I've been going to Leo since I first started driving. He's always taken good care of my cars. I get regular oil changes with them and have never had any issues. Good service, fair price. What more could you ask for?"

- Yelp Reviewer

"We have been coming to Leo's Auto care since they opened. We moved in 08 and although we tried other mechanics closer to our new home, I just never knew if what we were being told was true. So we now happily make the almost 40 mile drive to make sure we deal with an honest evaluation. I have recommended Leo to my friends and family and now gladly recommend his shop to anyone looking for a great mechanic."

- Google Review

"After getting ripped off at several places (including the dealer) we needed a place that we could trust. We needed to replace the rear struts of an SUV. They inspected it for free, explained clearly what they were going to do afterwards and gave us a reasonable quote. What was especially impressive was that the owner, Leo, did not try to sell us on any other services that our car unnecessarily needed at the time like the previous places we went to. It built our trust with him further since it showed he wasn't interested in getting as much money from us as possible, but focused on solving our current problem. The car was ready for us on the same day. Highly recommended; I wish more privately-owned car mechanics were like this one. Make sure you talk directly with Leo the owner."

- Google Review

"I was referred to them by a friend who said he'd always got great service from them. He was right on the money! Leo was honest and forthright with all the repair work. He even found a more efficient and cost effective way to fix my car. I highly recommend this garage!"

- Yelp Reviewer

"I've used Leo's Auto Care for over eight years. He has always been honest and consistant with his pricing and quality of work. He shows concern for his customers and does his best to help out with fair prices and good service. I have also used his brother's who are mechanics. Honesty and quality run in the family. Thanks Leo for being so reliable."

- City Search User